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Sewer Pipe Repair & Rehabilitation – Cured in Place Pipe CIPP Lining – No Dig

As sewer pipes age, root intrusion, infiltation and exfiltration cause cracking, breaking and backup. Repairing and replacing these old sewer pipes using the conventional open cut method is costly, time consuming and intrusive. We offer a cost-effective, no dig, durable solution to repair sanitary sewer pipes.

The traditional technique for rehabilitating defective sanitary sewers and associated appurtenances is excavation and replacement. Since sewer pipes in urbanized areas are, for the most part, located in the middle of streets, excavation and replacement creates traffic disruptions which results in loss of productive time for workers within such areas. In addition to the cost associated with lost productive time for workers, additional costs are incurred during repair of excavated roads and other structures.

In an attempt to reduce the cost and disruptions associated with excavation and replacement, the sanitary sewer collection system rehabilitation industry has developed “no dig” (trenchless) technologies for sanitary sewer collection system rehabilitation. Trenchless technologies include:

  • cured-in-place liner pipe,
  • deform/reform liner pipe,
  • fold and formed liner pipe,
  • slip liner pipe, and
  • pipe bursting.

Offering No Dig, Trenchless, Cured-in-Place Sewer Pipe (CIPP) Lining

Bougalis Inc offers cured-in-place, no dig, trenchless sewer pipe lining using technology from Hammerhead Systems. This solution provides a cost-effective, no dig, durable and imperveous sewer pipe with improved flow without any interference to existing infrastructure. 

Cured-in-place pipe is compatible with nearly all pipe materials, including: clay, cast, PVC and concrete. CIPP by Hammerhead offers a proven, lasting, trenchless repair method for renewing aging and deteriorating pipe:

It should be noted that trenchless technologies have not completely replaced excavation and replacement of defective sewers and manholes. There still remain circumstances where excavation and replacement is the best method to rehabilitate a segment of a sanitary sewer collection system. Bougalis Inc can help you with all of your sanitary sewer installation, repair and rehabilitation needs using the best approach for your situation.