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Helical Tiebacks Systems

What are Helical Tiebacks?

This product is typically used to fix bowing basement walls. They look like large screws and are rotated into the ground facing away from the affected wall. When the tieback is installed correctly in stable soil, it will then pull the bowing wall back into place, supporting it against future shifting/bowing. This option is chosen by many foundation repair experts because it’s a solution proven to last.

What are the Benefits of Helical Tiebacks?

Helical tiebacks utilize proven engineering methods to secure and provide tension resistance for retaining walls, guy wires for power poles and towers, and slope retention. They can be combined with push piers or helical piles to provide combined tension and compression design capacities. Because of this, tiebacks are a very versatile product

Bougalis Inc uses the Helical Tiebacks manufactured by Grip-Tite.