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Concrete Contractor


Bougalis Inc has been installing new driveways for over 30 years.  We have the equipment to remove your old concrete, we have the facility to recycle the removed concrete and / or asphalt, we have the expertise to advise our customer as to the suitability of their existing soils to support their new driveway, we have the equipment to prepare the base, and we have the professional people to install your new concrete driveway.


We install foundations whether it is with “ICF” forms, Symons forms, block, or wood.  We have completed many residential and commercial foundation projects.


We install basements whether it is with “ICF” forms, Symons Forms, or block.  We have the equipment to excavate your new basement, either haul away or grade the excavated soils, install gravel and crushed rock, pour the footings, install drain tile and sump pit, erect the basement walls, pour the basement floor, water proof the basement walls with a sheet membrane product such as: Bituthene, Melrol, Miradri name brands, install Styrofoam insulation, install passive or active RADON system,  backfill the basement with crushed rock, and finally grade the perimeter of your new basement to direct water away from the structure.


We can pour most any sidewalk and or patio configuration imaginable.  We have installed stamped concrete, stenciled concrete, colored concrete in a variety of formats, shapes, and sizes.